Our Office

Our Mission

Highland Park Endodontics, Ltd. is an endodontic specialty practice expressly dedicated to protecting the dental health of our patients through the process of root canal therapy. Our goal is to help patients reach the highest level of oral health possible. We pride ourselves on our thorough consultations, modern treatment methods, dedicated staff and quality patient service. We work in partnership with our referring doctors to help ensure comprehensive care for our patients.

We are proud of our past and present success. We are certain that you will share this pride with us as we do our part to ensure our continued success.

Our Vision

Highland Park Endodontics, Ltd. is committed to serving the patients of our practice by providing the highest quality of endodontic care possible.

Our vision is to be a leader in quality patient care by providing the best in patient services. This level of commitment can only be accomplished through the dedicated work of our staff and doctors.

We believe that through the right combination of people, equipment and services, we will accomplish this vision.

History of Highland Park Endodontics, LTD.

Highland Park Endodontics, Ltd. was started in 1969 by Dr. Robert Zelikow and Dr. Myron (Mike) Chubin.  Their original office was located at 480 Elm Place in Highland Park.

Dr. Frank Woolman joined the practice in 1977 and became a partner in 1978.  In 1980, they opened a second office in Chicago at 2320 W. Peterson Avenue.

In 1984 Drs. Zelikow and Woolman purchased the Highland Park office from Dr. Chubin.  Dr. Chubin in turn became the sole owner of the Peterson office thus leaving the Highland Park office to Drs. Zelikow and Woolman.

In 1988 the practice moved into the Optima building at 1770 First Street in Highland Park.  Dr. Woolman purchased the practice from Dr. Zelikow in 1990 becoming its sole owner.  Dr. Zelikow then became Dr. Woolman’s associate.

Dr. Trina Alley-Steinberg became a full-time associate of the practice in 1990.  Dr. Larry Farsakian became a part-time associate when Dr. Zelikow retired from practice in 1992.  Dr. Farsakian became a full-time associate in 1996.

In 1998, the practice relocated to the Port Clinton Square building at 600 Central Avenue.  Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Farsakian became partners with Dr. Woolman in 2000.

In August of 2010, Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Farsakian purchased Dr. Woolman’s portion of the practice.  While Dr. Steinberg and Dr. Farsakian became the principal owners of the practice, Dr. Woolman remained as an associate until his retirement in 2012.

Dr. Steinberg retired in January 2016 leaving Dr. Farsakian the sole owner of the practice.

Dr. Daniel Oh became an associate doctor of the practice in August 2020.  

Other endodontists who have been associated with HPE were:

  •          Dr. Michael Dani  1988
  •          Dr. Scott Bentkover  1993
  •          Dr. Jeffery Walker  1995
  •          Dr. Lauren Allegretti 2016-2019




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